Retro spective 2004 - 2014

by Mad Tea Party (now Krekel and Whoa)

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2014 marks 10 years since we released our first album. This is a 10 song compilation from our first four albums, plus two singles.


released December 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Mad Tea Asheville, North Carolina

Rock n roll duo. Krekel on guitar and one-man-band drums. Ami on guitar and maracas. Joy is the goal.

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Track Name: Big Top Soda Pop (2006)
Circus came to town today, and it swept me away
Just like a carousel, all the colors seemed to swell
Horses pranced, their heads held high
Trapeze artists in the sky
A man shot like a cannon ball
Giants big and midgets small

Big top, soda pop, sawdust on the floor
To be a circus star, who could want more?

Circus came to town today, glitz and flash, a wild parade
Dizzy with its majesty, I thought perhaps it was for me
A clown took me aside, said “Are you ready to apply?
Once you join, you’re stuck inside. The circus is our disguise.”


Circus came to town today, smoke and mirrors did amaze
But when the patrons left the tent, I saw you don’t see what you get
They packed into a caravan, barely fit for beast or man
And when the clown washed off his smile, I turn and ran for miles and miles

Big top, soda pop,
sawdust on the floor
To be a circus star,
I want more,
I want more,
I want more,
I want more,
I want more
Track Name: Space Repair (2006)
Since I cannot have you near me, I will float to outer space
There is nothing here to hold me, I’ll be gone without a trace
I will fly, fly
Leave earth behind, behind

I will slide around on Saturn’s rings
I’ll be mesmerized by Mars
My heartache, it won’t bother me
As I jump from star to star


Oh, the times I’ll have on Mercury
Won’t Venus be a lark?
The thought of you won’t torture me
I’ll be safe out in the dark


I won’t be afraid to touch the Sun
Or to gaze upon the Moon
Outer space will be just the place for me
Since I can’t have me with you